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Maximizing Efficiency in Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Orenco’s cutting-edge wastewater treatment systems are changing the game. In a candid conversation between Bill Snyder and Big Mike, we explore these innovative systems, diving into their functionality, applications, and the advantages they offer in terms of efficiency and cost savings. 

Efficient Wastewater Collection and Treatment 

Bill Snyder introduces us to the Prelos Station, a key component in liquid-only sewer systems. This system collects wastewater from homes and buildings, ensuring a streamlined process. By settling solids and filtering water through bio tube filters down to an eighth of an inch, it eliminates the need for lift stations, potentially covering up to 10 miles, saving on infrastructure costs. 

But what’s even more remarkable is its ability to adapt to various scenarios. Whether it’s serving a single-family home or a bustling commercial complex, the Prelos station handles it with ease. The elegant design of this system simplifies the otherwise complex task of wastewater treatment. 

Prelos Station
Source: Orenco Systems

Flexibility and Ease of Installation 

The conversation highlights the flexibility of Orenco’s systems. They can be installed in various settings, from homes to commercial spaces, providing passive clarification and minimizing energy consumption. Moreover, these systems are modular, allowing for easy expansion to meet growing demands. 

Imagine a developer planning a community with phases. Orenco’s systems offer the unique advantage of being able to map out the entire wastewater treatment network from the start. This means that as more properties are connected, there’s no need to retrofit or reconfigure existing infrastructure. It’s a plug-and-play approach to wastewater management that maximizes efficiency and minimizes headaches. 

Climate Considerations

In cold climates, where freezing is a concern, Orenco has it covered. The Prelos station is designed to be buried, with insulation options that ensure it keeps working even when the temperatures plummet. This attention to detail makes it a versatile choice, suitable for regions with harsh winters. 

But the cold-weather readiness doesn’t stop there. Orenco’s AX Max systems are equally well-suited for frigid environments. These systems feature robust insulation options, going up to an impressive R60. So, whether you’re in a chilly northern state or facing the extreme cold of Alaska, these systems keep wastewater treatment running smoothly, year-round. 

All-in-One Control Panels and SCADA Systems 

Orenco knows that control is key when it comes to wastewater treatment. That’s why they manufacture control panels tailored to specific needs, from pump stations to wastewater treatment plants. These panels are designed to simplify operation and maintenance, reducing the chances of costly downtime. 

In today’s data-driven world, real-time monitoring and control are non-negotiable. Orenco’s SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems provide just that. Imagine being able to adjust wastewater treatment parameters remotely, ensuring optimal performance without the need for on-site visits. It’s a game-changer for efficiency and cost savings.

Image Source: Energy Recovery

Environmental Benefits and Sustainability 

Orenco’s systems prioritize sustainability. They operate without electricity, relying on brine flow and a durable ceramic rotor for energy-efficient and reliable operation. With only one moving part, maintenance becomes a non-issue, and these systems are built to last, with a lifespan of at least 25 years. 

But what’s perhaps even more impressive is the environmental impact. Orenco’s systems minimize their carbon footprint, making them eco-friendly choices for wastewater management. When combined with their longevity and low maintenance requirements, it’s a recipe for sustainability in an industry where it matters most. 

In summary, Orenco’s wastewater treatment systems represent a paradigm shift in the industry. They offer unmatched efficiency, adaptability, and sustainability while reducing operational costs. With these innovations, Orenco is poised to transform wastewater management on a global scale, making clean water more accessible and sustainable for everyone.