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Bailey Ranch Estates


Project Overview:

The Bailey Ranch Estates, is a meticulously planned 14-acre residential development featuring 48 thoughtfully designed lots alongside a 2.5-acre future industrial site. Our team’s expertise in site planning, coordination, and infrastructure design ensured the successful execution of this project, catering to the diverse needs of the growing community in the city of Lindsay.

Our Scope of Work: 

Modern Engineering Solutions contributed a comprehensive range of services to the Bailey Ranch Estates project, including: 

  • Coordination with TxDOT and City of Lindsay: We worked closely with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the city of Lindsay to ensure seamless collaboration and adherence to relevant guidelines and regulations. 
  • Collaboration with Other Developers: Our team effectively coordinated with other developers in the area to guarantee a harmonious integration of the Bailey Ranch Estates within the larger community context. 
  • Stormwater Management: We designed a detention pond to effectively manage stormwater on the site, ensuring proper drainage and mitigating potential environmental impacts. 
  • Water Line Extension: Our engineers planned and designed the extension of the water line, providing a reliable and efficient water supply to the Bailey Ranch Estates. 
  • Sewer Design: We expertly designed the sewer system for the development, ensuring its efficiency, durability, and compliance with local codes and regulations. 
  • Site Planning: Our team undertook comprehensive site planning efforts to optimize the layout and design of the 48 lots and future industrial site, creating a welcoming and functional living environment for residents. 
  • Earthwork Balancing: Modern Engineering Solutions carefully balanced the dirt on the site, minimizing the need for excessive cut and fill, reducing costs, and ensuring optimal site grading. 

The Bailey Ranch Estates stands as a testament to Modern Engineering Solutions‘ proficiency in managing complex residential development projects, fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and delivering exceptional results that meet and exceed client expectations. 


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