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Teledyne’s Contactless Laser Flow Monitoring, Sampling and Data Solutions | WEFTEC SERIES | EP 11


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In this upcoming episode of “Engineers for Communities, Podcast” we’re featuring Teledyne ISCO‘s Kaushal Trivedi, as he showcases the company’s next-gen products for water collection system monitoring and flow measurement:

★ Revolutionary Non-Contact Laser Flow: Trivedi highlights the unique ability of Teledyne’s devices to measure water velocity below the surface, avoiding clogs and maintenance demands, and ensuring accurate data even during overflows.

★ Remote Data Access and Alerts: Discover how Teledyne’s technology transmits flow sensor data to a logger device that allows for remote monitoring and instant alerts, enabling swift responses to potential issues.

★ Cost-Saving, Risk-Reducing Solutions: Learn about the financial and safety benefits of non-contact sensors in the field, reducing the need for costly, hazardous manhole entries and maintenance.

★ Innovative Sampling Devices: Explore Teledyne’s range of samplers, from portable to refrigerated units, crucial for analyzing water quality in treatment plants and meeting regulatory requirements for temperature-sensitive testing.

★ Emerging Contaminant Detection: Trivedi explains how Teledyne’s samplers are pivotal in detecting PFAS—persistent environmental pollutants—and other emerging contaminants, aiding in the responsible management of wastewater treatment plants.

★ Tracking Public Health Threats: Discover Teledyne’s role in wastewater disease surveillance, crucial for early detection of viruses like COVID-19, Influenza, and other Pathogens, potentially preventing outbreaks.

★ PFAS Fluorine Molecule: Gain a deeper understanding of how PFAS, a non-degradable fluorine molecule linked to health risks, is monitored by Teledyne’s technology to prevent its entry into the ecosystem and food chain.

★ Sampling for Safety: Learn about the innovative portable refrigerated sampler designed for PFAS sampling, ensuring samples are immediately cooled to comply with stringent testing methods and maintain sample integrity.

★ Cloud-Based Data Management: Teledyne’s cloud software offers a powerful, secure alternative to traditional SCADA systems, reducing IT demands while enhancing data security against hacking threats.

★ User-Friendly Dashboards and Alarms: Trivedi and Dennis will guide us through the intuitive dashboards that allow operators to monitor key performance indicators, set alarms, and efficiently manage water systems.

★ Rental and Cellular Services: Teledyne’s flexible rental options for hardware and software and in-house cellular services simplify setup and provide cost-effective solutions for temporary studies or projects.