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Trinity Retail Plaza


Project Overview:

Modern Engineering Solutions proudly presents the Trinity Retail Plaza, a meticulously designed 2-acre commercial shopping plaza that seamlessly integrates high-quality retail spaces with innovative engineering solutions. Our team’s expertise in paving, grading, utility layout, and drainage design ensured the successful execution of this project, addressing unique challenges such as streambank stabilization and storm drain improvements, while adhering to local and state regulations. 

Our Scope of Work: 

Modern Engineering Solutions contributed a comprehensive range of services to the Trinity Retail Plaza project, including: 

  • Paving Design: Our team meticulously designed the paving for the development, ensuring safe and durable surfaces for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, while accommodating the demands of a bustling retail environment. 
  • Grading: We expertly developed detailed grading plans to optimize site elevations, facilitating efficient drainage systems and creating a visually appealing and functional shopping plaza. 
  • Utility Layout: Our engineers designed the utility layout for the development, seamlessly integrating essential services such as water, sewer, and electrical connections, while ensuring compliance with all pertinent regulations. 
  • Drainage Design: We developed robust drainage solutions for the site, managing stormwater effectively to prevent flooding, protect water quality, and minimize potential damage to the property. 
  • Streambank Stabilization: Our team addressed the challenge of stabilizing the existing streambank, implementing innovative solutions to prevent erosion, protect nearby structures, and preserve the natural environment. 
  • Coordination with Local and State Regulations: Modern Engineering Solutions worked closely with local and state authorities to guarantee a harmonious integration of the Trinity Retail Plaza within the larger community context, adhering to all relevant guidelines and regulations. 

The Trinity Retail Plaza project demonstrates Modern Engineering Solutions’ proficiency in managing complex commercial development projects, overcoming site-specific challenges, and delivering exceptional results that meet and exceed client expectations. 


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Trinity Retail Plaza Grading Plan