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The 1711 Single Family Homes


Project Overview:

The 1711 Single Family Homes project, is a thoughtfully designed 0.75-acre residential development comprising six compact yet comfortable living spaces. Our team’s expertise in paving, grading, utility layout, and drainage design ensured the successful execution of this project, overcoming unique challenges to create an inviting and functional living environment for residents. 

Our Scope of Work: 

Modern Engineering Solutions contributed a comprehensive range of services to the 1711 Single Family Homes project, including: 

  • Paving Design: Our team meticulously designed the paving for the development, ensuring safe and durable surfaces for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. 
  • Grading: We expertly addressed the challenge of fitting six single-family homes on the tight 0.75-acre site by developing detailed grading plans that optimized site elevations and facilitated efficient drainage systems. 
  • Utility Layout: Our engineers designed the utility layout for the development, seamlessly integrating essential services such as water and sewer connections, while ensuring compliance with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) regulations on utility line separations. 
  • Drainage Design: We developed robust drainage solutions for the site, managing stormwater effectively to prevent flooding, protect water quality, and minimize potential damage to the property. 
  • Coordination with Local Providers: Modern Engineering Solutions worked closely with local sewer and water providers to guarantee a harmonious integration of utility infrastructure and adherence to all pertinent regulations.

This is a 0.75-acre site that was historically subdivided into six smaller lots. Modern Engineering Solutions coordinated with the local sewer and water providers to meet CDPHE regulations on utility line separations. Another challenge was grading on the site since fitting six single-family homes on the site would be tight. This project is finishing up construction currently.


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