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Simple Wastewater Solutions for Small Municipalities | WEFTEC SERIES | EP 12


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In our latest “Engineers for Communities” episode, Dave Gibson from BioWorks introduces their tailored wastewater solutions for small municipalities, aiming to make complex wastewater management a thing of the past:

★ Evolving Wastewater Treatment: Gibson discusses the transition from traditional methods to BioWorks’ simplified extended aeration systems, specifically designed for the unique needs of small municipalities, ensuring reliable results with minimal complexity.

★ Advanced Aeration Techniques: Discover how BioWorks employs fine bubble diffusers and moving aeration systems to maximize efficiency, reduce energy costs, and simplify maintenance—key factors for smaller towns with limited resources.

★ Designing for the Cold: Learn about BioWorks’ strategies for preventing freezing in colder climates, ensuring continuous operation throughout the seasons without the need for costly infrastructure like heated enclosures.

★ Operational Ease for Lagoon Transitioners: Hear how BioWorks’ systems offer an easy transition for operators moving from lagoon to more advanced activated sludge systems, emphasizing ease of operation and lower certification barriers.

★ Cost Advantages Over MBRs: Gibson sheds light on the significant cost benefits and reduced operational complexity when choosing BioWorks’ systems over more sophisticated MBRs, making them a smart choice for budget-conscious communities.

★ Denitrification Challenges Addressed: Gain insights into how BioWorks’ designs can achieve stringent denitrification requirements, providing small municipalities with an edge in meeting environmental compliance.

★ Success Stories: Be inspired by successful upgrades from outdated lagoons to BioWorks’ systems, illustrating the substantial improvements in both cost and performance for small to mid-sized municipalities.