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Discover how Geovanny Romero, District Manager at Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation District, revived a bankrupted district by overcoming financial and regulatory challenges to build a new wastewater treatment plant. Learn from his experience and understand the key strategies that can help you navigate complex hurdles and secure funding for your own wastewater projects.

Lesson #1 Origins of Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation District

Geovanny discusses the formation of the Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation District. The district was established in the early 1970s when a construction group, the Woodmore Corporation, began developing the area in anticipation of Colorado hosting the Winter Olympic Games. The group aimed to create Olympic Villages and towns to accommodate the influx of people and related activities. They purchased 11,000 acres of pristine Colorado mountain land, and the Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation District was created to serve these communities.

Lesson #2: How Geovanny Overcame Challenges in Permitting a Wastewater Treatment Plant


l asked Geovanny about the challenges faced during the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant. Geovanny explained that they had to comply with federal and state regulations and ensure the discharged water was clean as it flowed into a reservoir used for recreation. They had to overcome permitting challenges with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). 

Geovanny shared that they had to conduct three different studies due to the unique requirements of discharging water into a lake. These studies included geological and archaeological requirements, as well as mixing zone studies carried out by a PhD expert. The mixing zone studies assessed how the effluent mixed under different seasonal conditions in the reservoir (summer, fall, and winter). The state requested an additional study in spring, but Geovanny hoped they would understand that more water flow during spring would result in better mixing and not require the additional study. 

Lesson #3 How Geovanny Overcame Challenges in Permitting a Wastewater Treatment Plant


Geovanny discuss the financial challenges of a previously bankrupted district in funding a new wastewater treatment plant. Geovanny shares that he had to start from scratch, talking to various people, attending meetings, and reaching out to larger metro districts for advice. With the help of Adam Sommers at Aquaworks, Geovanny and his team applied for every grant they could find. By doing so, he gained a new perspective and a wealth of knowledge. Ultimately, they secured funding through the USDA, CDPHE, and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs of Local Affairs. The USDA financing, combined with a low-interest loan, covered the entire project cost. By obtaining these grants and loans, Geovanny effectively managed to pay for the project at 50 cents on the dollar, which significantly reduced the overall financial burden on the district. 

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