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Lift Stations 101: Why It Matters to Your Community Development | EP 12

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In this week’s webinar, we focused on lift stations – an essential part of our community infrastructure. They help to keep wastewater moving smoothly, which is crucial for any community. If you’re a community developer, engineer, or city official, understanding lift stations is key.

Show highlights will be:

– Understanding Lift Stations: We started off by discussing what lift stations are and their crucial role in managing wastewater in a community. They facilitate the movement of wastewater from lower to higher elevations, especially in areas where the natural topography does not allow for gravity flow.

Live Demo: There will be an insightful live demo using an Excel spreadsheet. This interactive segment was geared towards helping the audience understand the basics of lift station calculations and the factors to consider in their design and operation.

– Operations and Maintenance: We delved into the nitty-gritty of lift station operations, highlighting aspects you may not have previously considered. We underscored the importance of planning for efficient operations and maintenance to prevent failures, downtime, and unexpected costs.

– Planning for the Future: The discussion emphasized the need for foresight in managing lift stations, including regular maintenance and readiness for potential emergency scenarios. We will highlight the importance of considering these aspects in your lift station design and operation strategies to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

This week’s episode was packed with practical knowledge, valuable tips, and hands-on experience to help you better manage lift stations in your communities. Don’t miss the Engineers for Communities Live Show this Thursday at 12:00 PM MT.

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