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Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water & Sanitation District

Project Overview:

Modern Engineering Solutions proudly contributed to the Morrison Creek Metropolitan Water & Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project; a vital initiative aimed at enhancing wastewater management in Routt County. The project involved the design and construction of a state-of-the-art 0.35 MGD wastewater treatment plant, meticulously engineered to meet the evolving needs of the community while adhering to stringent environmental and safety standards. 

Our Scope of Work: 

As a key partner in this ambitious project, Modern Engineering Solutions provided a comprehensive range of services, including: 

  • Grading: Our team of experts developed precise grading plans to optimize site elevations and ensure proper drainage, thereby facilitating efficient plant operations and minimizing environmental impacts. 
  • Utility: We coordinated the design and installation of essential utility infrastructure, enabling seamless integration with existing systems and ensuring the uninterrupted supply of vital resources. 
  • Paving: Our engineers devised high-quality paving solutions to guarantee safe and durable surfaces throughout the facility, catering to the demands of heavy vehicular traffic and equipment. 
  • Drainage: We conducted thorough analyses and designed robust stormwater management systems to prevent flooding, safeguard water quality, and protect the facility from potential damage. 
  • Cut/Fill Calculations: We performed accurate cut and fill calculations to optimize the earthwork, minimize costs, and reduce the environmental footprint of the project. 
  • Construction Observations: Our experienced professionals provided on-site construction observation services, closely monitoring progress and quality to ensure that the project was executed in accordance with the design specifications and industry best practices.  


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