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Prairie Corner Wastewater Lift Station

Project Overview:

Modern Engineering Solutions is proud to have contributed as a subconsultant to the Prairie Corner Wastewater Lift Station Project, located in Brighton, Colorado. This vital project focused on improving wastewater management for the community by designing and implementing an efficient lift station system. Our team played a significant role in various aspects of the project, including site plan design, overflow piping, lift station planning, coordination with electrical designers, site plan application preparation, and completion of hydraulic calculations for the lift station. 

Our Scope of Work: 

Modern Engineering Solutions provided an array of services for the Prairie Corner Wastewater Lift Station Project, including: 

  • Site Plan Design: Our team meticulously developed the site plan for the wastewater lift station, taking into account factors such as optimal land use, efficient access, and seamless integration with existing infrastructure. 
  • Overflow Piping Design: We designed the overflow piping system for the lift station, ensuring proper management of excess wastewater during high-flow events and safeguarding the environment. 
  • Lift Station Planning: Our engineers expertly planned the lift station system, optimizing its efficiency, durability, and compliance with local codes and regulations. 
  • Coordination with Electrical Designer: We collaborated closely with electrical designers, ensuring seamless integration of the electrical components and systems required for the lift station’s successful operation. 
  • Site Plan Application Preparation: Our team wrote and submitted the site plan application, addressing all relevant requirements and guidelines to secure approval for the project. 
  • Hydraulic Calculations: We completed all the hydraulic calculations necessary for the lift station, ensuring optimal system performance and effective wastewater management for the community. 
Prairie Corner Wastewater Lift Station
Prairie Corner Wastewater Lift Station Drawing

The Prairie Corner Wastewater Lift Station Project showcases Modern Engineering Solutions‘ ability to collaborate effectively as a subconsultant on essential infrastructure projects, leveraging our expertise in engineering design and coordination to deliver outstanding results that meet and exceed client expectations. 


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