Founded in December 2018, Modern Engineering Solutions is a civil engineering firm located in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado. We provide various civil engineering consulting services for private and public sector clients.


We believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with MES, you should expect collaboration with transparency and consistency. Want to learn more? Contact us today for an initial consultation.

Our Mission

We strive to cultivate and grow relationships with clients to provide the best civil engineering services possible and become an industry leader.

Our Values

  • Greatness - Striving for awareness and cultivating purpose.

  • Learning - Placing a high emphasis on growth and development through consistent hard work.

  • Team - Having a strong community, structure, and communication.

  • Leading - Service, and inspiration to others through strong commitments, trustworthiness, and decisiveness.

Our Culture

MES prides itself on being a 100% paperless firm relying on technology and advanced techniques.

We value our employees and strive to promote a strong team with the ability to work remote!