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In Oklahoma, developers are required to follow certain design regulations when platting land for new development. These regulations are in place to ensure that the development is safe and efficient, and to protect the rights of landowners and residents. The following is a brief overview of the design regulations that developers must follow in Oklahoma. Oklahoma statutes require developers to provide public access to certain roads and streets through the development.

This allows residents to have convenient access to the highway, and ensures that emergency vehicles can travel through the development unimpeded. Local ordinances may dictate the number of access points that must be provided to a development. For example, the city of Edmond, OK requires a minimum of two access points to any subdivision, and these access points must connect to an existing public road.

Public Improvements and Plats of Land

The developer must also provide public improvements, such as water, sewer, and electrical service to the development. There are numerous statutes that govern this requirement for Oklahoma developers. The plat of the land must be drawn by a licensed surveyor and filed with the county clerk.

Developer: The developer is responsible for constructing the homes and other improvements in a subdivision. They are also responsible for ensuring that the construction meets building codes and standards, and they must provide a warranty that they have done so.

Planning Commission Review

Developers must go before the planning commission in order to obtain approval of a subdivision plat.

The Right of Way

Developers must obtain a right-of-way from any land owner whose property will be crossed by the road. If the right-of-way is needed for access to utilities, it must be granted without compensation.


Developers must obtain a zoning permit from the Zoning Commission. The subdivision plan and plat must comply with the land-use requirements of the adopted zoning ordinance.

Subdivision Regulations

Developers must comply with the subdivision regulations adopted by the Planning Commission.

Final Plat Approval

A final plat must be submitted to the Planning Commission, and the Commission must approve it before a building permit can be issued. The subdivision regulations in this document are interpreted by the Planning Commission.