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Different states have different laws governing the subdivision of land. However, there are some general rules that apply in most cases. You’ll need to consult with a lawyer or property appraiser to determine the specifics of your state’s laws.

First, you’ll need to identify the property’s current zoning classification. This will help you determine what type of subdivision process is required. You will then create a plat which shows how the existing larger lot is subdivided into small lots which meets the proposed zoning classification. A zoning change or rezone is only allowed if the property’s current zoning classification complies with all state and local laws. In other words, you can’t just change the zoning and subdivide to suit your needs.

Next, you’ll need to establish boundaries for your proposed subdivision. This will typically involve surveyors measuring and drawing lines on a map.

Most municipalities require a subdivision plan or a preliminary plan as a way to help streamline the process. By creating a detailed subdivision plan or preliminary plan, you can ensure that all of the necessary requirements are met, and that the development is executed in a professional manner. In addition, subdivision plans can be used as a marketing tool to attract potential residents and businesses to an area. As part of my project, I will be using the Google Earth or AutoCAD software to create an initial sketch of the subdivision.

I will work with the client’s architect to develop a plan that meets all of the planning and aesthetic requirements for the project. I will then take this plan and create a detailed subdivision map. I will then use the Google Earth or AutoCAD software to create an initial sketch of the subdivision. I will also use other programs in order to create other documents that are necessary for the project.