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Lead and Copper Rule Compliance: Strategies for Small Water Systems | EP1 | CRWA Series


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Join us at the 2024 Colorado Rural Water Association annual conference as we delve into the pressing challenges faced by small and rural water systems. In this first episode, Caroline Miller, LEED AP, CDT (WSP) and Aaron Averett (Sunrise Engineering, Inc.) share how they are teaming up to provide assistance to small systems facing the challenge of complying with the upcoming lead and copper rule revision (Oct. 2024 deadline);

★ Lead and Copper Regulations: Discover how small water systems can tackle the daunting task of identifying the age and material of their service lines to meet the requirements of the lead and copper rule revision.

★ Free Technical Support for Small Water Systems in Colorado: Learn about the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s initiatives that offer free technical to small water systems serving populations of 15,000 or less and having two or more service lines. These programs help develop accurate service line inventories, crucial for meeting federal compliance deadlines.

★ Leveraging Existing Data: Explore the power of using existing data, from assessor records to billing information, to get a head start crafting service line inventories. This discussion underscores the importance of leveraging every available resource to avoid unnecessary excavations and streamline compliance processes.

★ Resource Optimization Through Asset Management: Delve into how water systems can optimize resources and planning through effective asset management. Learn about the strategies that allow systems to proactively manage, maintain, renew, and replace assets, thus securing funding and ensuring sustainable operations.

★ Practical Steps and Real-World Applications: Hear from Aaron and Caroline about practical steps and methodologies for identifying and managing service lines. They discuss real-world applications that have helped numerous systems improve their operational efficiency and compliance with environmental regulations.