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Efficient Solutions for PFAS Removal | WEFTEC Series | Podcast | EP3

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★ PFAS Regulations: Polyfluoroalkyl Substances compounds are subject to increasing regulations, covering areas such as drinking water and wastewater.

★ PFAS Variety: There are over 4900 recognized PFAS compounds, but current regulations focus on six of them.

★ Detection Challenge: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)‘s wastewater test can detect approximately 15,000 PFAS-related compounds, highlighting the scale of the challenge.

★ Collection Techniques: Existing collection techniques like activated carbon, ion exchange, and membranes can remove PFAS but don’t destroy it.

★ Aqueous Electrostatic Concentration Unit: This innovative technology captures PFAS onto membranes by exploiting their polarity, resulting in minimal waste generation compared to traditional methods.

★ Environmental Impact: The technology prevents PFAS from bioaccumulating and transforms it into inert salts, reducing its environmental impact.

★ PFAS in Consumer Products: PFAS compounds are found in various everyday products, including makeup, dental floss, and contact lenses.

★ Future Regulations: Upcoming rules will cover more than just where PFAS is found in water; they will also deal with how PFAS is used in making things and everyday products.

★ Cupridyne Clean: It’s dedicated to being the top provider of Odor Eliminator Products and systems, prioritizing excellence and trustworthiness in addressing Commercial Odor Control issues.

Join us on this insightful Engineers for Communities new series episode 3 with our guest Tonya Chandler from BioLargo, Inc., as we dive deep into efficient solutions for polyfluoroalkyl substances removal.