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Cutting-Edge Water Treatment Solutions: Mixers, Polymers, and Chloramines

Welcome to our recent episode of Engineers for Communities,‘ where we dive into innovative water treatment technologies. Today, we’re excited to share our conversation with David Stanton from Cleanwater1. David introduced us to some fantastic tools that are changing the game for water utilities, big and small. From innovative mixers that keep water fresh in storage tanks to cost-saving polymer systems in wastewater management, and even on-site chlorine generation for safer water treatment – we’re covering it all. These advancements are not just about improving water quality; they’re also about making these processes more economical and efficient for communities and industries. Let’s explore how Cleanwater1 is leading the way in smart, sustainable water treatment solutions.

Water Mixing Techniques 

Cleanwater1’s water mixers represent a significant innovation, transforming how utilities maintain water quality in storage. By creating a turbulent environment, these mixers prevent water from becoming stale, ensuring it stays fresh and safe for longer periods. This is crucial for smaller communities where water might remain in storage longer before use. Additionally, the mixers work seamlessly with existing infrastructure, making them a versatile solution for various utility sizes, further enhancing their appeal. 

Polymer Use in Wastewater 

Polyblend, the Polymer Activation System from Cleanwater1, stands out as a cost-effective solution in wastewater treatment. It extends beyond simply improving water quality; it also significantly reduces operational costs by optimizing polymer use. The system’s precise mechanics open up polymer chains more effectively, leading to better flocculation and sludge drying. This optimization is vital for utilities facing budget constraints, making efficient resource use a top priority. 

On-Site Fluorine Generation for Safer Chlorination 

The on-site Fluorine Generation Machine is a breakthrough in chlorination safety and efficiency. By generating chlorine on-site, it eliminates the risks associated with transporting and storing hazardous chlorine gas. This machine is particularly beneficial for remote or rural utilities, where transport logistics can be challenging and costly. The system’s ability to produce a safe yet effective disinfectant on-demand marks a significant step forward in sustainable water management practices. 

The Future of Water Monitoring and Measurement 

Cleanwater1’s partnership with Trios in developing advanced optical sensors marks a significant advancement in water quality monitoring. These sensors bring high-end technology to everyday water management, making it easier for utilities to track and maintain water quality. The sensors’ ease of use and low maintenance requirements are particularly advantageous for smaller utilities with limited technical resources, making advanced water quality monitoring more accessible and manageable. 


This episode of “Engineers for Communities” has highlighted Cleanwater1’s commitment to advancing water and wastewater treatment technologies. With their focus on efficient, cost-effective, and safe water treatment solutions, they are setting new standards in the industry. Their innovations in water mixing, polymer optimization, chlorination, and monitoring are not just technical achievements; they are practical solutions addressing the real-world challenges faced by communities and industries in managing water resources.