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Bead Filters: Low-Maintenance with Dual Biological & Mechanical Filtration | WEFTEC SERIES | EP 10

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In this episode, join us as Michael Malone from Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC., unveils cutting-edge filtration solutions tailored for both municipal and industrial applications, highlighting the efficiency and sustainability of bead filter technology:

★ Learn about the unique bead filter technology, a dual-function system that combines biological and mechanical filtration to tackle various contaminants with unmatched efficiency.

★ Addressing Complex Water Challenges: Malone dives into how AST excels in removing TSS, VOD, ammonia, and even specialized contaminants like BTEX, showcasing the system’s versatility in water treatment.

★ Mastering Denitrification: Uncover the secrets behind achieving effective denitrification, a challenging process for many treatment plants, through AST’s innovative approach that ensures compliance with stringent regulations.

★ Cost-Effective Solutions for Lagoon Polishing: Hear real-world success stories of municipalities utilizing AST’s bead filters for lagoon polishing, offering a financially viable alternative to expensive mechanical plant upgrades.

★ Competitive Edge: Explore how AST stand out in the market by replacing conventional biological and mechanical systems with a single, efficient unit, simplifying operations and reducing costs.

★ Simplified Operation and Longevity: Delve into the low maintenance needs and operational simplicity of AST’s filtration technology, emphasizing the long-term durability and ease of use that appeal to operators.

★ Navigating Regulatory Approvals: Malone shares the journey of securing regulatory approval across different states, highlighting the importance of pilot studies and the adaptability of AST’s technology to meet diverse regulatory standards.

★ Environmental Impact and Sustainability: From reducing methane emissions in dairy farm lagoon systems to enhancing nutrient removal, discovering how AST contributes to sustainable environmental practices and energy savings.

★ Future Directions and Innovations: Peek into the future as Malone discusses ongoing research and development efforts at AST Filters, aimed at advancing water treatment technologies to meet the evolving needs of communities and industries globally.