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Cost Effective Processes for Wastewater from Collection to Treatment | Weftec Series | EP2

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Explore Orenco’s wastewater solutions such as; 
★ Orenco’s system caters to various applications beyond traditional sewer systems, including residential, commercial, and municipal setups. 
★ The system’s smaller pipe diameter eliminates the need for deep sewer lines, resulting in significant cost savings and ease of installation. 
★ Depending on the setup, maintenance responsibility can lie with municipalities, developers, homeowners, or homeowners’ associations, offering flexibility in management. 
★ Developers benefit from Orenco’s system in terms of cost savings, flexibility in build-out, and simplified infrastructure requirements during the initial phases of construction. 
★ Wastewater Treatment Cost Reduction: The passive pre-treatment process reduces treatment plant costs by about 30%, as it eliminates the need for headworks typically associated with traditional systems. 
★ Orenco’s system seamlessly integrates with advanced wastewater treatment processes like MBRs (Membrane Bioreactors) without the risk of clogging associated with grinded sewage. 
★ The composite buildings produced by Orenco are customizable, offering clients the option to tailor structures to their specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for the intended purpose. 
★ With insulation options and heating mechanisms, Orenco’s systems are suitable for cold climates, maintaining optimal operating conditions for biological processes even in freezing temperatures. 
★ Orenco’s SCADA system allows for remote monitoring and control of pump stations, providing real-time data and the ability to adjust operational parameters from a distance. 
★ The textile used in Orenco’s systems has a long lifespan, often lasting up to 40 years, contributing to the durability and longevity of the entire wastewater treatment solution. 

Join us on this insightful Engineers for Communities new series episode 2 with our guest, Bill Snyder, from Orenco Systems, Inc. as we dive deep into water and wastewater collection to treatment system.