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Why You Should Learn About the Lead Service Line Replacement Program

f you’re part of a rural Texas community with a water system built before 1980, we have some vital information that can greatly benefit you. In our recent Engineers for Communities live show, we were joined by Scott Galaway,Scott Galaway, an Outreach Specialist from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB). Together, we explored the importance of the Lead Service Line Replacement Program, a groundbreaking initiative designed to help communities address the pressing issue of lead contamination in their water systems.

In this informative and engaging episode, we discussed essential topics that will help you understand and take advantage of the program:  

Are you prepared to comply with EPAs revised Lead and Copper Rule?

We discussed the Revised Lead and Copper Rule and its impact on rural Texas communities.Revised Lead and Copper Rule and its impact on rural Texas communities. The rule has been a point of discussion since the 1960s and aims to remove lead from drinking water systems. For the first time ever, there is a new set aside this year for lead service line inventory work and lead removal projects. As a federal requirement, all drinking water systems across the country must conduct a lead service line inventory of their system by October 16, 2024. This initiative is essential for ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water in rural Texas communities. 

Glacier Construction takes pride in working with small towns and rural communities, such as Cheraw and Eckley, where they have been involved in projects like filter skid replacement and water tower construction. This focus on rural areas sets them apart from other general contractors who prioritize larger, more high-profile projects. 

One of the most rewarding experiences Taylor shared was their involvement in a CMAR (Construction Manager at Risk) project in the town of Eckley. During a town hall meeting, Taylor and their team presented the project details and pricing to the community members. Seeing the residents’ excitement and gratitude for having someone invest in their community’s infrastructure was a heartwarming and fulfilling experience for Taylor and the entire Glacier Construction team. 

How the TWDB has the BEST Program to Help YOU Comply 

This fiscal year, there is over $213 million available, and while these numbers may change in the future, it’s essential for communities to stay informed. Currently, there is a 51% principal forgiveness and a 49% low-interest loan with a 0% interest rate for those who qualify. It’s important to read and understand the intended use plan for these projects each year, as allocations and timelines may change. The executive team and managers want to ensure communities can comply with the October 2024 deadline for the lead inventory work, so they have accelerated the timeline to get funds distributed. 

Why YOU Most likely qualify for this program 

We touched upon the unique funding opportunities available for rural water and sewer communities in Texas. We emphasized the importance of understanding the Annual Median Household Income (AMHI) criteria, which determines eligibility for the 51% principal forgiveness. This year, communities with an AMHI below $100,982 are considered disadvantaged and can qualify for these funds. The goal is to distribute this money quickly to drinking water utilities, enabling them to complete their inventory work and proceed with replacement work in a timely manner. 

About Engineers for Communities 

We are here to allow smaller disadvantaged communities in Colorado, Texas, and other states to connect on topics such as water, wastewater, city project planning, government funding, and everything in between. 

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