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How Powell Water is Creating Cost Effective Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions

Throughout Colorado regulations for the effluent of wastewater treatment plants become more and more strict over time. Communities are now burdened with the task of coming into compliance by upgrading their treatment plans which can cost over 12 MILLION DOLLAR.

When you live in a rural Colorado community of 200 people with an average household income of $45,000 per year this cost becomes a huge burden, BUT Powell Water may have a perfect solution for you.

This is why I’ve asked the Powell Water Systems Team of Scott, Jeff, and Judd to join us.

Powell Water designs modify existing lagoons with a mixture of electrocoagulation and microalgae to meet the strict effluent limits in Colorado. As you will find out during the show the potential for cost savings is astronomical.

Powell Water Systems Team will highlight the following topics that are guaranteed to be beneficial to everyone:

  • The history and formation of Powell Water
  • What is electrocoagulation and microalgae?
  • Electrocoagulation Vs. chemical coagulation
  • Cost Savings versus mechanical plants
  • Installing Powell Water’s system in new communities

This week’s episode will be a fun conversation filled with practical and unique insights. Don’t miss the Engineers For Communities Live Show this Thursday at 12:00 PM MST, where you can participate live and benefit from the team’s insights!