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Strategic Management of Water and Wastewater Systems with Hayden’s Town Manager

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In this episode, we explore the multifaceted challenges and innovative solutions in managing water and wastewater infrastructure with Matthew Mendisco, a town manager from a Town of Hayden with extensive experience: 


★ Navigating Funding and Infrastructure Aging: Mendisco sheds light on the primary challenges small communities face regarding funding and aging infrastructure. He emphasizes the need for strategic planning and innovative financing to sustainably manage and upgrade essential water and sewer systems. 


★ The Importance of Capital Improvement Planning (CIP): Discover how a well-implemented CIP is crucial for the long-term health and efficiency of water and wastewater infrastructure, helping municipalities prioritize investments and manage resources effectively. 


★ Roles and Responsibilities in Operational Excellence: Learn about the critical roles that operators, engineers, and city managers play in the daily operation and strategic oversight of water and wastewater systems, ensuring their reliability and effectiveness. 


★ Creative Financing for Infrastructure Development: Mendisco introduces groundbreaking strategies for financing infrastructure projects, including the separation of capital investment from operational budgets through the use of Capital Improvement Funds, to enhance financial flexibility and grant accessibility. 


★ Proactive Asset Management and Maintenance: Gain insights into the proactive measures and maintenance strategies that are essential for extending the life span of infrastructure assets, including regular system assessments and the adoption of best practices in asset management. 


★ Leveraging Grants and Strategic Partnerships: Hear how the Town of Hayden has successfully secured over $10 million in grant funding for infrastructure improvements by leveraging strategic partnerships, innovative project management, and a comprehensive understanding of grant requirements. 


★ Innovative Approaches to Infrastructure Financing and Management: Mendisco discusses the innovative approaches small towns like Hayden are taking towards infrastructure financing and management, including tackling the challenges posed by regulatory frameworks and exploring new avenues for funding and project implementation. 


Join us as Matthew Mendisco provides invaluable insights and practical advice for engineers, city officials, and developers involved in the planning, funding, and management of water and wastewater projects in small communities. This episode offers a comprehensive look at the strategies and solutions that can help ensure the sustainability and resilience of community infrastructure.