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How Taylor Sets the Standard for Project Management 

Managing the complex nature of construction projects is not something you go to school for and are instantly ready to lead a project from start to finish. Taylor Pearson, a third-generation construction professional, is leveling up much of rural Colorado with his unique skill set towards project management. This is why I’ve asked Taylor with Glacier Construction to join us. Taylor is everything you want in your project manager: Skilled, proactive, friendly, and personable.  

Taylor will highlight the following topics that are guaranteed to be beneficial to everyone: 

  • His journey to become a third-generation construction professional.  
    • Frustrated developer story 
  • How and what Glacier Construction’s secrete niche is. 
    • About Us – Safety First 
    • Values 
  • Why Taylor loves working with rural and disadvantaged communities. 
  • Why communities are asking Glacier Construction to bid their projects. 
  • What is a CMAR project? 
  • Taylor’s and Glacier Construction’s recent WINS. 

This week’s episode will be a fun conversation filled with practical and unique insights. Don’t miss the Engineers for Communities Live Show this Thursday at 12:00 PM MT, where you can participate live and benefit from Taylor’s insights!