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Revolutionizing Infrastructure Management with A | EP 10


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Discover how AI is transforming infrastructure management and its impact on civil engineering

Join us for an insightful conversation with Matt Stahl, PE, CFM, AWAM, AI/Infrastructure Management Team Leader at Halff who is at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies into infrastructure management processes. With a keen focus on AI-driven asset management, Matt has helped numerous cities maintain their existing storm drain networks, preventing infrastructure problems such as sinkholes. His expertise in data analytics, machine learning, and deep learning has played a crucial role in the successful implementation of AI solutions.

In this episode, we’ll delve into:

– Integrating AI technology for asset management: Learn how Matt’s team is using AI to help cities maintain their storm drain networks and prevent infrastructure problems like sinkholes.

– The power of tree-based AI models: Discover how these AI models are revolutionizing pipe condition prediction and enabling engineers to identify high priority pipes more effectively.12

– Computer vision for defect detection: Uncover how AI-driven computer vision models are identifying pipe defects that may have been missed by contractors, ultimately saving time and money.

– Harnessing GIS, CCTV, and AI for a comprehensive analysis: See how data from multiple sources is integrated to provide an in-depth understanding of pipe conditions and defects.

– The future of AI in infrastructure management: Matt and Michael discuss the potential of AI in the industry, the challenges of implementation, and the long-term benefits of adopting this groundbreaking technology.

This week’s episode will be a fun conversation filled with practical and unique insights. Don’t miss the Engineers for Communities Live Show this Thursday at 12:00 PM MT, where you can participate live and benefit from Matt’s insights!