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Pre-Engineered Wastewater Solutions with Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) | WEFTEC SERIES | EP7

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In this episode, we dive into the membrane bioreactor technology with industry expert Troy Ellison:

★ Dedicated Focus on Membrane Bioreactors: Cloacina LLC stands out with its specialized commitment to membrane bioreactor technology, tailoring advanced wastewater treatment solutions for municipal clients.

★ Advantages of Pre-Engineered Systems: Learn about the value pre-engineered MBR systems bring, combining cost-efficiency, streamlined design, and reliability against traditional cast-in-place treatments.

★ Solving Traditional Plant Challenges: Discover how Cloacina addresses common issues associated with conventional wastewater treatment plants, such as design flaws and construction complications, through innovative pre-engineered solutions.

★ High-Volume Project Execution: Uncover how Cloacina’s approach of handling multiple MBR projects monthly translates into rapid innovation and design refinement, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their systems.

★ Operational and Maintenance Benefits: Gain insights into the operational advantages of Cloacina’s above-ground MBR systems, designed for ease of access, maintenance, and long-term sustainability.

★ Selection of High-Quality Components: Hear about Cloacina’s rigorous process for choosing the best equipment for their MBR systems, ensuring top-tier performance and longevity.

★ Impact on Construction and Contractor Engagement: Learn about the transformative effect of Cloacina’s MBR systems on the construction process, enabling more local contractors to participate without needing specialized wastewater treatment expertise.

★ Commitment to Industry-Leading Practices: Understand Cloacina’s dedication to incorporating only the highest quality components and practices in their MBR systems, setting new standards for municipal wastewater treatment.

Join us on the Engineers for Communities episode with our guest Troy Ellison from Cloacina LLC as we dive deep into robust pump applications: fluid Handling in Diverse Industries, and much more!