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Learn About Robust Pump Applications: Fluid Handling in Diverse Industries | WEFTEC SERIES | EP6

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In this dynamic episode, delve into the world of advanced fluid handling technologies:

★ Explore the wide range of pump models, including the XL series, known for its impressive capacity, able to handle up to 7,000 gallons per minute – a game-changer for large-scale operations.

★ Discover the distinctions between positive displacement and centrifugal pumps and how these differences impact various industrial applications, offering tailored solutions for specific needs.

★ Uncover the versatility of pumps with symmetrical designs, allowing for reversible suction sides – a crucial feature for operations like loading and unloading tankers in oil terminals.

★ Gain insights into the maintenance simplicity across different pump models, ensuring ease of use and consistency in upkeep, essential for businesses with varied pump requirements.

★ Dive into niche applications such as the integration of pumps in renewable natural gas production and the significant role they play in environmental sustainability.

★ Hear about the adaptation of pumps in the winery industry, demonstrating their flexibility and efficiency in handling large volumes of grapes.

★ Learn about specialized submersible pumps, ideal for limited space or extreme conditions, highlighting the adaptability of pump technology in challenging environments.

★ Understand the critical role of grinders in wastewater management, protecting pump stations from blockages caused by non-biodegradable materials.

Join us on the Engineers for Communities episode with our guest Bernhard Wessendorf from Boerger, LLC, as we dive deep into robust pump applications: fluid Handling in Diverse Industries, and much more!