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Many Colorado Rural Water and Sanitation providers face enormous problems that most people don’t know about AND most providers have no funding sources available to address these problems. However, solutions do exist. Enter David Schneider, who, with his blue-collar mentality, has changed the game. 

 David is the Owner and Founder of Wet Valley Water Consultants and District Manager of the Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District. David’s “boots on the ground and roll up your sleeves” mentality has uncovered unique solutions for many of the challenging issues facing rural Colorado Water & Sanitation providers.

In our upcoming show, David will highlight the following topics that are guaranteed to be beneficial to everyone: 

  • How a 5 minute google search and a phone call saved a disadvantaged community 8 MILLION DOLLARS 
  • A $2 Million “Out of the Box” Solution at NO NET COST 
  • The next big earthquake in the Rural Colorado Water and Wastewater industry 
  • Significant problems with current engineering solutions for rural water and wastewater challenges 
  • The BIGGEST challenges rural water and wastewater providers face and how David has worked around them. 
  • Three unique solutions for funding water and wastewater project through various grant and loan programs.

This week’s episode will be a fun conversation filled with practical and unique insights. Don’t miss the Engineers for Communities Live Show this Thursday at 12:00 PM MT, where you can participate live and benefit from David’s insights!

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