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Get Your Projects Approved Faster | EP 8


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Leverage Effective Communication with Review Agencies 

⚠️Attention engineers, city officials, government agencies, and real estate developers! Are you ready to revolutionize your communication strategies with review agencies? 

We’ll be delving into the power of video communication and Microsoft Teams to streamline project approvals, improve collaboration, and optimize efficiency. Discover how this innovative approach can transform the way you work with review agencies and learn new skills to boost your project’s success. 

During this episode, we will cover: 

  • The challenges of traditional communication with review agency staff 
  • Why video communication outperforms email/text interactions 
  • The numerous advantages of sending videos 
  • Implementing these new skills in your professional life 
  • An example presentation using Microsoft Teams 
  • Best practices for video communication 
  • How to elevate your video communication game 
  • An engaging Q&A session to address your questions 

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool for asynchronous communication, enabling you to showcase your plans, address concerns, and provide clarity on project details without the need to schedule meetings.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your communication strategies and get your projects approved faster. Join us for an informative and engaging episode of “Engineers for Communities.”