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Deep Dive: Iron and Manganese Filtration Solutions in Water Treatment | WEFTEC SERIES | EP 9

MODERN ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS > BLOG > PODCAST > Deep Dive: Iron and Manganese Filtration Solutions in Water Treatment | WEFTEC SERIES | EP 9

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In this episode, Wateropolis Corp. president Derek French educates us on the challenges of removing iron and manganese, sharing catalytic and biological solutions and a wealth of knowledge.

★ Transforming Water Treatment with Advanced Materials: French discusses Wateropolis’s unique granular materials designed to optimize water treatment processes, ensuring energy and water savings while tackling specific water contaminants.

★ Iron and Manganese Removal: Explore the effective strategies for removing these common yet challenging contaminants, including the use of robust ceramic materials and specialized techniques for manganese removal.

★Catalytic Surfaces: French shares insights into the development of catalytic surfaces for effective manganese removal. He also addresses the impact of oxidant used on biological growth within the media, and solutions for maintaining the catalytic surface

★ Biological Filtration: Discover the cutting-edge applications of biological filtration in water treatment, including the promotion of beneficial microbial growth and the utilization of expanded clay materials for enhanced surface area and biological activity.

★ Success Stories and Waterpolis Applications: Hear about Wateropolis’s achievements in improving water treatment processes across various sectors, from municipal to industrial and consumer products, showcasing the widespread impact of their technologies.

★ Looking to the Future: French reflects on the continuous innovation and research driving Wateropolis forward, with a focus on developing more robust, efficient, and sustainable water treatment solutions for communities worldwide.

Join us for a compelling look into how Wateropolis is setting new standards in water treatment, offering insights and practical advice for engineers, city officials, and developers involved in managing and improving water infrastructure.