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Unlocking Opportunities for Better Water Tank Care and Grant Access in Oklahoma and Texas

Christopher Martin, owner of New Water Enterprises, has come a long way from his days as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) specialist. Now, he’s on a mission to make a positive impact on rural water and sewer systems in Oklahoma and Texas. In this blog, we’ll dive into why Christopher started New Water Enterprises, the opportunities for rural water providers to improve their water tank maintenance, and the challenges he often encounters when working with these communities. We’ll also explore Christopher’s efforts to bring about change in rural Oklahoma and Texas and what water and sewer providers need to know about the grant system.

A Change of Course: From EOD to New Water Enterprises

After serving as an EOD specialist, Christopher was inspired to start New Water Enterprises to address the unique challenges faced by rural water and sewer providers. He recognized the need for specialized services and expertise to help these communities maintain their water tanks and navigate the complexities of the grant system. By combining his military background with a passion for clean water, Christopher set out to make a difference in rural communities across Oklahoma and Texas.

Tackling Water Tank Care Challenges

One of the key issues Christopher encounters when working with rural water and sewer providers is inadequate water tank maintenance. Many rural communities lack the resources and knowledge necessary to properly care for their water tanks, which can lead to contamination, water loss, and costly repairs. New Water Enterprises offers comprehensive water tank cleaning and inspection services to help rural providers ensure their water tanks are in optimal condition, minimizing the risk of waterborne diseases and safeguarding their community’s health.

Making a Difference in Rural Oklahoma and Texas

Through his work at New Water Enterprises, Christopher has been instrumental in improving the water and sewer systems of rural communities in Oklahoma and Texas. By providing expert guidance and hands-on assistance, he has helped these communities address their unique challenges and secure the necessary funding for infrastructure improvements. As a result, countless rural residents now enjoy cleaner, safer, and more reliable water and sewer services.

Unlocking the Grant System for Rural Providers

Navigating the grant system can be a daunting task for rural water and sewer providers, but Christopher aims to simplify the process. By offering expert advice on grant eligibility, application procedures, and project implementation, he empowers rural providers to secure much-needed funding for infrastructure improvements. This support enables these communities to upgrade their water and sewer systems, ensuring long-term sustainability and improved quality of life for their residents.

With his unique background and unwavering dedication to improving rural water and sewer systems, Christopher Martin has become a true hero in the world of H2O. Through New Water Enterprises, he continues to make a significant impact in rural Oklahoma and Texas, helping communities access vital resources and expert guidance.

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