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Unlocking the Power of the Lead Service Line Replacement Program with Scott Galaway 

Are you a part of a rural Texas community with a water system built before 1980? If so, you’ll definitely want to tune in to our upcoming episode. In this informative and engaging show, we’ll be joined by Scott Galaway, an Outreach Specialist from the Texas Development Water Board (TWDB), who will be sharing valuable insights on the Lead Service Line Replacement Program. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to help communities address the pressing issue of lead contamination in their water systems. 

Scott will highlight the following topics that are guaranteed to be beneficial to everyone: 

  • Eligibility and Application Process: Understand the criteria for participation and step-by-step guidance on how to apply for the Lead Service Line Replacement Program. 
  • Success Stories and Best Practices: Hear inspiring stories from rural communities that have successfully utilized the program and learn valuable tips for implementing projects in your own community. 
  • Resources and Support: Gain insight into available resources and support networks to help rural communities navigate the application process and secure funding. 
  • Q&A with Scott: Get your questions answered and receive expert advice on how to bring safe water to your community through the TWDB funding programs.  

This week’s episode will be a fun conversation filled with practical and unique insights. Don’t miss the Engineers for Communities Live Show this Thursday at 2:00 PM MT, where you can participate live and benefit from Scotts’s insights!


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