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Advanced Screening Techniques for Wastewater Challenges| WEFTEC SERIES | EP 8

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In this episode, we dive into Duperon Corporation’s cutting-edge solutions for wastewater treatment challenges with insights from Mark Turpin: 


★ Advanced Screening Techniques: Turpin elaborates on Duperon’s specialized screening technologies, designed to efficiently remove solids and protect downstream processes, setting a new standard in municipal wastewater management. 


★ Addressing the Flushable Wipes Crisis: Explore Duperon’s proactive strategies to mitigate issues caused by so-called flushable wipes, including innovative screening solutions that intercept these materials before they can disrupt the sewage system. 


★ The FlexRake IQ: Uncover the unique features of the FlexRake IQ, including its ability to dynamically adjust to varying debris loads and flow rates, ensuring uninterrupted operation during peak storm events. 


★ Simplifying Maintenance and Operations: Learn how Duperon’s design ethos of “less is more” translates into more reliable, easy-to-maintain equipment that significantly reduces the operational workload on wastewater treatment facilities. 


★ Real-World Applications and Successes: Hear firsthand accounts of how Duperon’s screening solutions have transformed the operational efficiency of wastewater treatment plants, saving municipalities time and resources. 


★ The Future of Wastewater Treatment: Turpin shares insights into the ongoing research and development efforts at Duperon to address future wastewater management challenges, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency. 


★ Empowering Operators with Innovative Tools: Discover how Duperon’s technologies are designed with operators in mind, offering user-friendly interfaces and features that make day-to-day operations smoother and more efficient. 


★ Regulatory Challenges: Gain an understanding of how Duperon collaborates with municipalities to ensure compliance with evolving environmental regulations and standards, facilitating smoother project implementation and operation. 


Join us for an in-depth discussion with Mark Turpin as we explore how Duperon Corporation is leading the way in innovative wastewater treatment solutions. This episode is an invaluable resource for anyone involved in environmental management, municipal planning, or interested in the latest in wastewater technology.