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Redefining Industry Standards: The Cloacina Story in Wastewater Treatment | EP 13

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Essential Listening for Influencers in the Wastewater Treatment Arena

What comes to your mind when you think of wastewater treatment? Are you picturing large, bulky, and inefficient systems that are more of a problem than a solution? Troy Ellison, CEO and Co-founder of Cloacina LLC, is changing that narrative, one package wastewater treatment plant at a time.

Join us as we delve into the world of modern, efficient, and scalable wastewater treatment solutions with Troy on our live show, “Engineers for Communities.” Cloacina, leading the way in packaged wastewater treatment, is not only transforming how we view wastewater treatment but also challenging the status quo and reshaping standards.

Troy will take us on a deep dive into these exciting topics:

– The origins of Troy’s passion and the genesis of Cloacina.
– How Cloacina overcame its growing pains and adjusted to meet municipal standards.
– The secret behind creating multimillion-gallon-per-day capacity with a packaged wastewater treatment plant.
– Why plant operators’ feedback is invaluable in designing the best wastewater treatment solutions.
– Challenging the complacency in the wastewater industry: Troy’s mission to raise expectations.
– Dissecting the negative reputation of packaged wastewater treatment plants and how we can turn it around.
– The two crucial factors to consider when planning a wastewater treatment plant.
– Highlighting the operator shortage crisis in the wastewater treatment industry and why it’s critical in designing a new plant.
– Advice for municipalities when choosing their engineering and treatment plan solutions.
– Shining moments and success stories from Troy’s journey with Cloacina.

If you are an engineer, city official, government agency representative, or real estate developer, this episode is a must-watch. Get ready to unravel the future of wastewater treatment with Troy Ellison on “Engineers for Communities.” Tune in and join us on this exciting journey. You can’t afford to miss this!