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What is 3D Visualization?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

3D visualization is a service provided by designers which creates a beautiful 3-dimensional rendering of a proposed project or design. The photo above is a 3D rendering of a proposed multi-family residential area in Texas. It almost looks real, doesn't it?

How do you know if you need 3D visualization for your project?

If you foresee a challenge obtaining approval with a city team or municipalities to get your property re-zoned, obtain new permits, and/or get your engineering design finalized and approved, then 3D visualization services can certainly help. By providing a real life example of what your design can look like, the jury will be more likely to accept your proposed plans.

3D Visualization is also a great way to see your project come to life without risking wasting money and efforts from the very beginning. If you are a visual person and need to see a project in "real life" before moving forward with next steps, then you would benefit from 3D visualization services.

Our very own, Tony Carcamo, is an expert civil engineering 3D designer and our CAD/BIM technology leader. Contact us today to learn how he can help bring your next project to life!

Tony Carcamo, COO


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