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Adams County Project Review Process

If you have property in Unincorporated Adams County, Colorado and you want to design and build a new project, you will be required to follow a specific process to get your design reviewed and approved.

To start, you would need to submit a pre-application. The pre-application process, or what they call, The Conceptual Review, is an opportunity to gather all of the information that you need for the project. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the county's requirements, land use regulations for your property, and ultimately increase your knowledge and ability to make key decisions regarding your project. In addition, it allows you to discuss your project with the county in a productive manner.

Here are the 4 steps to complete the pre-submittal conceptual review process:

  1. Conceptual Review Submittal

  2. Staff Review

  3. Conceptual Review Meeting

  4. Conceptual Review Response

Conceptual Review Submittal

This process requires that you submit a completed checklist of items to the county prior to the first meeting. The checklist can be found on the county's website or directly from this link. This process takes between 2-3 weeks. The checklist lays out exactly what items you need to submit, which include the Development Application Form, Application Fee, Written Explanation of the Project, Site Plan Showing the Proposed Development, Certificate of Taxes Paid, Owner Authorization, and Proof of Utility Service.

Staff Review

Adams County will assign a Project Manager to your project who will also be your point of contact throughout the review process. The Project Manager will send your project to other County Departments and other external agencies for review. They will send all comments in a report one week before the Conceptual Review Meeting.

Conceptual Review Meeting

Usually 2-3 weeks after the checklist items have been submitted, the county will host the Conceptual Review Meeting. Meetings are held on Mondays between 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM. Adams County staff, including the Project Manager and engineers will be present. It could also be a good idea to bring a professional with you to answer any design-related questions.

During this meeting, the staff will discuss their comments regarding your pre-application. The Project Manager will lay out the next steps and any other submittal requirements for your development applications.

Conceptual Review Response

One week after the meeting, all final comments will be sent out to the applicant which will summarize issues discussed at the meeting related to the development application. Any other submittal requirements will also be identified. Finally, all of the comments from external agencies will also be listed in the final response letter.

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