Chief Executive Officer

Groselle 2.jpg

I have always felt I could make an impact the way I wanted to. I have always been a competitor and
trying to reach the highest levels possible. Anything I do, I do it to the max. I started with playing
Division I basketball at The Citadel. Upon graduating, I moved into the civil engineering space, where
my passion for science and mathematics quickly aligned.
One of my big focuses is creating a work environment that is more efficient for my co-workers and
clients. Utilizing the latest technologies (both in engineering design and workflow) can make
a big stride towards being the most efficient engineering firm on the market. My team works
completely remotely and is accessible by our clients at the drop of a hat. One of my big focuses is:
how can I save myself and the client time while still providing top-of-the-market quality? Saving time
for my clients and myself is a win/win.
I am that early 4 AM riser that gets out to the gym and starts my days with the grind. The fire is
always fueled because I am constantly training to play beach volleyball at its highest level. Having a
growth mindset and always trying to become better each day is a habit applied to all facets of life,
I was never the guy that had every answer, but I was the guy that could figure anything out. Being a
resourceful and adaptable person in today’s ever-changing culture is critical to success. If I don’t
know the answer, I am not afraid to tell you. You can count on me to follow up with the answer found
or someone who can help you find it.
If you have an engineering, volleyball, or life-related question, reach out to me, and I will serve you the
best I can.