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Innovative Lagoon Pilot: BioAugmentation, Microalgae and Electrocoagulation | EP3 | CRWA Series


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In this episode of “Engineers for Communities,” Nathan Yang interviews David Schneider from the Round Mountain Water District to discuss an innovative pilot system utilizing bioaugmentation, microalgae, and electrocoagulation to meet stringent wastewater effluent limitations and avoid a $14mm capital upgrade.

★ Addressing Regulatory Pressure: David Schneider shares challenges faced by small communities under strict state regulations for wastewater treatment.

★ Optimizing Lagoon Systems: Discover how optimizing existing lagoon systems can be a cost-effective alternative to building new mechanical treatment plants.

★ Innovative Solutions: Learn about the use of electrocoagulation and microalgae to meet stringent water quality standards in an affordable and sustainable way.

★ Cost-Effective Upgrades: Explore how combining bioaugmentation with
microalgae can reduce operational costs and enhance the efficiency of wastewater treatment.

★ Pilot Programs and Approvals: Hear about the ongoing pilot programs and how they aim to prove the effectiveness of these innovative solutions to state regulators.

★ Overcoming Financial Challenges: Understand the financial hurdles and how small communities can navigate funding and operational costs for sustainable solutions.

★ Future Implications: Discuss the potential statewide impact of successful pilot programs and how they could transform wastewater management for small rural systems.

★ Feasibility and Practicality: Emphasize the importance of feasible solutions that can be realistically implemented in small communities with limited resources.