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Developer Services

MES specializes in many different types of civil engineering designs. Some common types of engineering designs offers are:

  • Paving Plans
  • Grading Analysis
  • Utility Design
  • Detention Pond Analysis
  • Pump/Lift Station Design

A site plan or a plot plan is a type of drawing used by architects, landscape architects, urban planners, and engineers which shows existing and proposed conditions for a given area, typically a parcel of land which is to be modified

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Most site needs to understand how much soil needs to be hauled to or removed from a site. MES will build a 3D model of your site and compare it to existing conditions. MES will then prepare a report that specifies how much soil if any, your site requires.

From roadways to parking lots, MES has got you covered. MES can design from scratch or conceptual plans that required paving infrastructure surrounding a development. These developments will require water, sewer, and storm sewer utilities to serve the property.

MES can also design new proposed public and/or private sewer and water utilities.

We also provide fire flow analysis on main waterlines and well determine existing and proposed sewer lines capacities.

From roadways to parking lots, MES has got you covered. MES can design from scratch or conceptual plans that required paving infrastructure surrounding a development.


Modern Engineering Solutions is capable of creating water and wastewater system models and master plans. We are capable of completing a wide range of master plans, regulatory assistance services, and asset management implementations. MES can provide big picture solutions to help prioritize solutions within your system, maximize the use of existing infrastructure, and manage the best use of your budget.

  • The main areas of expertise are as follows:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Water and Wastewater System modelling
    • Capital Improvement Plans (CIP)
    • Operational Assistance
    • Infiltration and Inflow Studies
    • Regulatory assistance
    • Impact Fee Programs
    • Compressive rate studies
    • State Revolving Fund (SRF) project assistance

Chances are that your residential development will need a detention pond. Detention ponds are highly calculated areas that hold and drain water at a predetermined rate and do not permanently hold water. Detention pond design can become even more tricky if it happens to be inside a flood plain.

Our team is highly experienced in detention pond design and can help take that burden off of your shoulders.

Subdivision typically includes the creation of a sketch plan (showing basic lot layout and provisions for public infrastructure), and subsequent creation of a more detailed preliminary plat (indicating building footprints and specific measurements), and then culminating in a final plat that creates the new lots.

Water flow and drainage are extremely important for your property so that you do not end up with drainage buildup, stagnant water, or a loss of water. If you have flow issues or need water re-directed against gravity, then you might need a pump station or lift station.

  • Pump Station
    • A pump station helps transport water to a higher elevation. This is common if you have uneven terrain on your property.
  • Lift Station
    • A lift station helps move sewage and wastewater to a higher elevation so that it is properly drained from the property.


Modern Engineering Solutions has been part of many developer projects in the recent past. We have been pick by many top Developers as the first choice civil engineering firm to partner with. we can handle middle size to large size acres projects with our professional engineers and great manpower.

Bailey Ranch Estates Subdivision

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    Looking for Civil Engineer Developer Services for your next project in Colorado?

    At Modern Engineering Solutions, we work with you as a partner to ensure that your developments are healthy, safe and environmentally friendly. We provide professional civil engineering services to make sure that your project is completed on time and within budget whilst maintaining a high standard of quality throughout its construction. We can also conduct inspections and ensure that the final product meets all relevant standards and regulations. 

    By partnering with Modern Engineering Solutions for your real estate development, you will get professional civil engineering services as we work together to bring your project to life from foundation level. 

    Civil engineers offer extensive responsibilities to their clients, from designing and development of land to ensuring their compliance with all relevant codes and standards.  

    The civil engineers oversee identifying and evaluating the opportunities for the land, as well as its ability to overcome potential obstacles along the way. As such, they’ll identify all the technical problems related to the land/property, including utility, topographic, and environmental constraints that might otherwise go unnoticed if they were not present during the initial stages when planning takes place.